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Light housekeeping / Cleaning

Housekeeping and cleaning can be challenging tasks for seniors, especially those who may have physical, mental, or mobility limitations.
It can be difficult to keep up with the chores of managing a home, such as vacuuming, dusting, and laundry. That’s where the professional caregivers come in.
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Light Housekeeping & Cleaning: Professional Help For Seniors

At Open Heaven Elderly Care, we provide professional light housekeeping & cleaning services explicitly tailored to seniors to ensure their living spaces are clean and comfortable. We understand that some of your loved ones may find it difficult or even dangerous to perform certain tasks around the home. That’s why our experienced caregivers are here to help!

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How Can Open Heaven Elderly Care Help You?


Our team will take care of all the hard-to-reach areas like ceiling fans, high shelves, and baseboards so your elderly loved one won’t have to worry about these chores anymore.


Keeping the floors clean is integral to maintaining a living space safe from dust and other allergens that can cause health problems for seniors. Our team will use specialized vacuums designed for deep-cleaning carpets and hard floor surfaces to keep your home looking its best.


We understand how overwhelming it can be for seniors when tackling large loads of laundry on their own. Our staff members can do this task, so they no longer need to worry about washing clothes or bedding. 

Kitchen Cleaning:

The kitchen is an important part of any household, but it can be difficult for elders to manage given its many surfaces needing attention each week (e.g., countertops, cupboards). With our help, they no longer need to worry about scrubbing down their kitchen every week, as we will take care of this task for them!

Open Heaven Elderly Care is here to help with light housekeeping needs for seniors. As professional caregivers, we are dedicated to helping older adults with their basic tasks to help them live independently. 

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Why Choose Open Heavenly Elderly For Senior Care Needs?

With us, you get all the elderly care services you can think of and more! From light housekeeping to ensuring their medication is administered on time, we provide quality elderly care services that make the lives of seniors much easier. 

The senior members of your family will always be taken care of and kept safe. Let us do the worrying while you enjoy quality time with your elderly loved ones – the time they deserve!

So, put your elderly care anxieties to rest, knowing that Open Heavenly Elderly has you covered! You can count on our professional and compassionate level of service.

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