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Who We Are

Open Heaven is a elderly care service that provides assistance to families that desire help with ill and immobile family members.

Our goal is to relieve take pressure off the families and provide rest for those that have served as full time caregivers. We want to meet your family’s needs by giving your loved one the best care we can provide. We are a Christian based company. Our mission is to treat your family member as they are our own family. 


Vontella Truss


My name is Vontella Truss ( Nikki ) I have been working with Southern Care Hospice for 21 years. I have been providing care for patients for 19 years. In 2019, I decided to start a business.  My desire to work with elderly is a calling. I love what I do, and I give it my all. It is my passion to take care of my patients! I will strive to give your loved one the best care. My goal for your family is for you to have no worries during Open Heaven time with your loved one.

Why I did chose the name Open Heaven? 

After much praying & fasting, God gave me the name Open Heaven for my company. I believe that when a thing is under an open heaven God’s hand is visible in it. Anything can happen under an open heaven! I believe God’s hand is in the work that I do. 

Why Choose Open Heaven?

We will treat the family member like they are our own family. 
We will give the patient quality care.
We will ensure patient feels safe. This will provide a peace of mind for you. 
We will provide love & kindness to your family member. 
Since we are a Christian based company, we will meet both physical and spiritual needs.
Open Heaven worker’s is background check and drug tested .
“Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”
~ Mark Twain
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